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Istanbul plays host to a design biennial that prioritizes contemplation and reflection over conventional design objects and processes (Disegno)

Unusual venues and the pairing of science with art both challenged and rewarded viewers (Selections)

With the right to public space the hot issue of the summer, a look at the 13th Istanbul Biennial’s plans to focus on the public domain (Time Out Istanbul)

The line between office and gallery is becoming increasingly blurred in Turkey’s booming contemporary art scene (Gulf Life)

A profile of Istanbul-based artist Sibel Horada (Selections)

Focusing on nature’s power to reclaim (Sierra)

"Paradise Lost?"
Turkey's Neolithic city of Çatalhöyük may have been an orderly society built on tolerance and equality -- until it fell apart (Discover)

"Peeling Back A City's Layers"
Underground transit projects offers archaeologists rare opportunities to dig into historic urban centers — but with the clock ticking (Discover)

"Fathers of Invention: What Muslims Gave the Scientific World"
A few of the bright ideas from the so-called Dark Ages (Wired)

"Amid Strife, Turks Break Fast Together for Ramadan"
The  iftar meal that breaks the day’s fast became a forum for Turkish people to express their dissatisfaction with the direction they feel the country is taking (Zester Daily)
"An Independent Existence"
Recalling Harriet Lane Levy’s unusual, eclectic life (California)

Development pressures are threatening Istanbul's centuries-old gardens, which have produced food for the city's markets since Byzantine times. A coalition of gardeners and environmentalists is fighting to preserve them
(Yale Environment 360)

Turkey's rush to build coal plants comes at the expense of its most beloved culinary ingredient (Sierra)

Nature Iraq wants to restore the Tigris, which contributed to the birth of agriculture about 7,000 years ago, to its free-flowing, clean former self. The environmental group is swimming upstream (The Christian Science Monitor)

Supply a problem; Women and girls best-suited to spearhead conservation efforts (The National)

Can Puerto Rico preserve its Caribbean beauty as it pursues the American dream? (Sierra)

A festival in Alaçatı celebrates the wild vegetables traditionally enjoyed in Turkey’s Aegean region (Culinary Backstreets)

A common sight on Istanbul tables in recent weeks, aşure, which some believe to be the world’s oldest dessert, is an unusual blend of savory and sweet (Zester Daily)

Chef/owner Didem Şenol puts a contemporary twist on Turkish fare (Istanbul Eats)

"A Year of Green, Seasonal Eating in Istanbul"
Here's what 12 months of eating local, seasonal food looks like in Istanbul (

War and strife have uprooted many researchers. Can their life’s work be saved? (Discover)

"Tomb of fallen warrior to move before dam floods ancient Turkish township"
In Southeast Turkey, a decades-long battle to stop a new dam and inundation of a 12,000-year-old settlement (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

"‘We Want Our Jobs Back’: Turkish Workers Protest Post-Coup Purges"
Many of the dismissed civil servants believe they have been targeted for their union activity (Equal Times)

"Turkey’s Building Boom Takes Toll on Worker Safety"
The country’s construction sector, a key driver of Turkey’s economy, is perilous for workers (IPS)

"10 Places to Soak Up the Vibe of Istanbul’s Kadıköy Neighbourhood"
Artsy, eclectic Istanbullus are flocking to the city’s once-sleepy Asian side and its lively cafes, galleries, bars, shops, and eateries. (Lonely Planet)

Explore the abundant natural beauty and archaeological richness of Hasankeyf (Time Out Istanbul)

After a close call with a suicide bomber in Turkey, I wondered if I was safe living abroad. But home had danger too (

"Explore: Waitomo, New Zealand"
Inner-tubing into prime glowworm real estate (Sierra)

"Contested Spaces"
New political urbanism in Istanbul's Taksim Square (Disegno)

"Why DIY Public Spaces Are Starting to Take Off in Turkey"
"We felt a real hunger in Istanbul for projects that are bottom-up." (The Atlantic's CityLab)

Now the real work begins (GOOD)

The battle over Gezi Park has become a symbol of opposition to the city's massive urban upheaval (The Atlantic's CityLab)

A book of unbuilt Ottoman-era architectural and engineering plans sheds surprising light on the current building boom in Turkey’s largest city (The Atlantic's CityLab)

"She Turns Trash into Cash"
One candy wrapper at a time, Tara Hopkins creates jobs for Turkish women who have never before had paid work (More)

"Turkish Women Blow Whistle on Rights Crackdown"
Renewed debate over abortion rights in Turkey has women wondering whether gender equality is being left behind as the country seeks to position itself as a model for the Middle East (Women's eNews)

"Kurdish Female Migrants Meet Isolation in Istanbul"
Life isn't easy for the female migrants continually flowing into Istanbul from Turkey's Kurdish region. Those who are illiterate or unable to speak Turkish can face particularly intense isolation from basic services (Women's eNews)

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