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A sweet but fading tradition

The Altan Şekerleme candy shop was a frequent and favorite stop during my time as a  tour guide  for  Istanbul Eats ’  culinary walks, but what happened in the candy-making operation upstairs was always a closely guarded secret. At a recent press event at the  Istanbul Culinary Arts Center , however, I finally had the chance to  see  how those glistening hard candies were made, and to return for a chat with one of the master  şekerci  (confectioners) carrying on a tradition that dates back, with little change, to Ottoman times: Inside a weathered storefront surrounded by hardware shops, colorful gems gleam in the dim light — large jars full of hard candies flavored with sesame, cinnamon, rose, orange, bergamot and lemon. Candy-maker Hüseyin Aksoy at work Proprietor Hakan Altanoğlu and his forefathers have been making and selling the Turkish candy called akide şekeri at this shop in Istanbul’s Fatih district since 1865, but the bite-size treat’s history goes back to the