Friday, December 28, 2012

A zest for good food and quality journalism

Steam rose from the two heavy pots perched on top of twin cooking-gas cylinders, the scent of orange peels and apples wafting through the crisp morning air at Istanbul’s first organic farmers market.

At that moment, the aromatic contents resembled soup, or even mulled wine, but as the hours passed, they would jell into a pudding called
aşure, a dish seen by some as the epitome of the Turkish “melting pot” ...

With my latest article, about the Turkish dessert aşure, I joined the contributors' team at Zester Daily, an award-winning online destination for food, wine, and travel journalism. I'll be writing for them at least once a month about culinary culture in Istanbul, Turkey, and wherever else I roam.

Founded three years ago by former L.A. Times writer Corie Brown, Zester seeks to "promote spirited, intelligent dialogue about what we eat and drink." Corie's commitment to an international focus, to professional writing, and to creating new models for funding journalism at a time when all three often seem to be in short supply have me excited to be on board.

Read the rest of my article, "A Pudding for All That Comes From Turkey’s Melting Pot," on Zester Daily.

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