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World Water Forum in Istanbul

I spent the past week at the 5th World Water Forum, held here in Istanbul this year, attending sessions on traditional cultural uses of water, migration and conflict, and women's issues, among other topics that jumped out from the thick catalog of panels and presentations. It was a productive week, as I filed daily dispatches from the conference for and wrote my first piece for The National , an excellent English-language newspaper based in Abu Dhabi. My complete conference coverage for TreeHugger: Day 1: What is this 'Big Water Meeting'? Day 2: Linking Water, Conflict, Gender, and Migration Day 3: Accounting for Every Drop Day 4: Images of Inundation Day 5: Understanding the Sacred Value of Water Day 6: 'Another Water Management is Possible' Day 7: Is Water a 'Right' or a 'Need'? UPDATE: The article I wrote for The National is no longer available on their website, but you can read it after the jump.

Now 'tweeting'...

Count me among those who don't know exactly what the Twitter fuss is all about, but I've been hopping on Web bandwagons since 1996, so I'm not going to miss the chance to try and post some amusing observations and thought-provoking articles in 140 characters or less... Don't worry, I'll go light on what I ate for lunch.